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  • Are you hungry for some awesome fresh food...? Well, you have come to the right place!
  • To start your taste buds watering, click on the MENU tab and you are sure to be delighted…
  • Choose from our delicious salad tubs, sensational sandwiches, beautiful burgers or one of our specialty Mr Schnitzel favourites.
  • For a gluten free option - add a 'skinny' to one of our salad boxes... in fact our Salad Boxes are just perfect to take home for dinner …!
  • Remember to bring your appetite with you - our servings are very generous!
  • One last tip - If you are short on time or have a larger order, click here to place your order atleast before an hour ahead of time.
  • Our food is delicious, filling and absolutely worth the wait…
  • Infact Snitty Fridays are so busy, its best to order by 10am!…